Aeldari Rangers and Battery WIP

Here is a quickie from the WordPress app I downloaded!

The challenge here was to work with these old pewter models and paint them up as best as I can. Though the old Vauls Battery pewter model is insanely small, I decided to zone into more experimental detailing with heavy glow effects and strong spot colors to give it life. The Aeldari Rangers were inspired by a Google search while I was looking at the new Finecast Ranger models by GDubz. Out of all the colors I have tried in the cloaks, this one is by far my favorite. I really look forward to doing the rest of the squad like this! Come back later to check out the finish squad and extra spotter for the artillery!

Warhammer 40k – 8th Edition First Impressions // Returning to the Hobby

It’s been a few odd, long years since I’ve fallen in and out of Warhammer and painting miniatures in general. However, after such a long hiatus, I’ve found myself returning to 8th Edition and I gotta say…

I’m loving it!

Games Workshop not seems to have listened to the fan base about changes that must be made, but has greatly overhauled the entire 40k system to a more streamlined, place-and-play style that is much easier for new players. Coming into 40k around 5th, edition, I was excited to finally be able to use Wyches and Mandrakes (ohhhh Mandrakes!!!), how they were written to play out.

The overhaul of the system itself was not only much needed but actually lends itself to be better than any edition before it. GW has seemed to ‘trim the fat’ from the editions before it, leaving it fairly simple and straight forward. The wording in the rules playing an important part gives it a more ‘Magic the Gathering’ feel, using specific and precise wording that makes the game surprisingly balanced. One of the more intriguing rule shift I found was in the Dark Eldar, now renamed Drukhari, Power from Pain army wide rule; Turn 1 grants them a ‘feel no pain’-esque bonus that reads ‘Whenever they suffer a wound, roll a D6, on a 6+, the wound is ignored’. The nature in which wounds are resolved means Drukhari get an immediate, free 6+ save on all wounds, followed by a normal save or invulnerable save (we got lots of 4+ invulz!), to also negate the wound. This helps make up for the Toughness of 3 all around and also makes them a little more harder to kill off in 1 round.

As for the rest of the system, I plan on pounding out a full report for you all to enjoy, and in addition, plan to experiment with custom made ‘Unit Cards’ to play with; I am currently working on a set of cards for Chaos Demon players.

Stay tuned! This was only a taste of new content I have coming. I’m not only looking forward to playing this new edition into the ground, but giving all you Eldar and Dark Eldar players out there the latest and greatest information to start collecting!


Well, it’s been a strange winter. I originally put everything on hold to move to Grand Rapids to play with a new band. After several gigs and learning 5 songs of material, everything fell apart and I’m back down in Kzoo. I have a lot of plans in the works, including more mini painting, working on a new EP for a solo project, and pickin up a job! I’ve been painting and will keep everyone updated with some of my new models, including; Crimson Slaughter Terminator squad, a new custom Dark Eldar model, and Eldar Dire Avengers to match my Dark Eldar raiders! Pics be soon!

Helbrute (WIP)

Helbrute (WIP)

This is the helbrute I’ve been working on. I wanted a fleshy raw muscle tone for the majority of the skin and I settled on Alpha Legion to contrasted the deep reds and metals. Debating whether or not I should glaze the flesh.

May – Month of Commissions!

After talking to my best friend Chris, I’m excited to announce that May has been dubbed the Month of Commissions! He has a wonderful 1000+ Ork army I will be painting and I’m salivating at the fact he has a Ork Bomba that he wants me to assemble and paint up! I absolutely LOVE the Ork army and perhaps in the future, will jump at the chance to own one! In addition to this awesomeness, I have also been commissioned by another friend to do a Tau HQ! And so I’m gonna throw this offer out to anyone and everyone….

To celebrate my return to painting and modelling, I will be open for FREE commissions! That’s right – you heard right, FREE! I’m dying to get my hands on figures and anyone interested, I will paint you up a single figure (sorry, for time purposes, nothing big like flyers, tanks, etc. etc. ) and send it back to you, free of charge! All I ask is that you pay shipping, which is always pretty cheap. The model can be converted and customized to your liking and I will send photos of my progress. I stand by an oldschool approach to painting for others – the first one is on me and I stand by my work – if you’re happy, then we can always talk about more commissions for a modest fee. I just gotta say too ( I don’t know if this is an issue with some people, but it has to be covered ) that this isn’t some scumbag attempt to steal your minis. I’ll be happy to supply a simple legal contract if this is a genuine concern for anyone, but as you know, doing shit like that is a quick way to not be taken seriously as a miniature painting. 

If anyone is interested, please feel free to email me for shipping information and estimated time of delivery! I’m a firm believer that if you’re into the service business and you do good work, that says more than cheesy promises and money and also invites return business. So if you’re feeling a little crazy and have a few bucks for shipping (and return also), or know anyone who’s looking, feel free to hit me up! You get a free painted mini and I get another piece for my portfolio! It’s a win-win!

Dark Eldar Aegis Defense Line Prototype.

Dark Eldar Aegis Defense Line Prototype.

I know…it’s a stupid premise! But this was inspire by a kickstarter project where the artist made custom battle lines for Eldar / Tau / Dark Eldar / etc. The coolest feature was that he had access to see through, colored plastic sheets and used them as a sort of force field generator instead of a trashy IG plastisteel aegis lines. This was made out of, oddly enough, bits from DE kits and the round cap insert from Monster Energy Drinks! Obviously, DE would find defense lines worthless, but i wanted to give it a shot and see how it turned out.

Maulerfiend with base

Maulerfiend with base

This bad-ass is the Maulerfiend for the Chaos Space Marine army. I didn’t like how static the model itself was ( the Forgefiend version you can do with this looks far better) so by simply adjusting the legs, I was able to get a very cool, aggressive pose without having to chop the Maulerfiend apart and reposition everything. Plus, Maulerfiends eat armor and barricades for breakfast, so I think it’s more fitting to have him leaving a path of destruction in his wake!